Fall 2015 
Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

  9/7 Labor Day  
  9/14 John Middlebrooks
  Dept. of Otolaryngology
  U.California Med., Irvine 
"Spatial hearing at the Cocktail party"
  9/21 Malcolm Slaney
  Machine Hearing Group
  Google Research, Mountain View
"Towards decoding EEG and Auditory Attention  Progress at 2015 Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop"
  9/28 Chris Stecker
  Hearing and Speech Sciences
  Vanderbilt U., Nashville
"Back to the (re)start: the increasing importance of   envelope fluctuations in binaural processing"
 10/5 John Ohala
  Dept. Linguistics
  U. California, Berkeley
"The phoneme & phone on trial"
 10/12  Brian Gygi
   VA Hospital
   Martinez, CA
"Facilitatory and inhibitory effects of context in everyday listening"
 10/19  Blocked  
 10/26  Binaural Bash  
 11/2  Acoustical Society Jacksonville  
 11/9 Joe Hall
  Speech and Hearing Sciences
  U. North Carolina Med, Chapel Hill
  "Unilateral aural atresia: hearing and hearing aids"
 11/16  Society for Neuroscience, Chicago  
 11/23 Xiaoqin Wang
Biomedical Engineering
   Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore
  "Unilateral aural atresia: hearing and hearing aids"
ROOM CHANGE to 2129 Tolman
Bruce Berg
  U.C. Irvine
"Cadence Model and Temporal Critical Bands"
 Spring 2016
 Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley
1/25 Bill Yost
  Speech and Hearing Science
  Arizon State U., Tempe
 "If You Move, Does Your Acoustic World Move? It Doesn't, Why Not?"
Cosponsors: Meyer Sound  Starkey Hear. Res. Ctr.
Josh Miele (Smith-Kettlewell)
Charles Salter (Salter Assoc.)
Roger Schwenke (Meyer Sound)
Robert Smith (Stanford)
Tao Zhang (Starkey)
"Speech and Space" A multidisciplinary seminar discussing the interface between
good listening and our constructed environment"

 2/8 Steve Colburn
  Biomedical Engineering
  Boston University
  "The Cocktail Party Effect and Hearing Impairments"
2/15 President's Day holiday  
2/22  ARO San Diego  
2/29 Shihab Shamma
  Electrical & Computer Engineering
  U. Maryland, College Park
 "Why rapid adaptive processes are essential for listening in
   realistic auditory environments"

3/7 Bob Lutfi
  Communication Sci. Disorders
  U. of Wisconsin, Madison

"Hidden Hearing Loss: Modeling the Effects of Auditory Deafferentation on              Listening in Noise"

3/17  Co-sponser: SHRC Nelson Cowan
  U. of Missouri
"Working memory capacity, the brain, and childhood development"
 3/21  Spring Break  
Co-sponser: SHRC
Erick Gallun
  VA Nat.Ctr. for Rehab. Aud. Res.
  Otolarynology, Ore. Health Sci. U.
 "Developing efficient measures of central hearing ability"
NOTE: 5101 Tolman Hall
Co-sponser: SHRC
Nina Kraus
  Auditory Neuroscience Lab
  School of Communication
  Northwestern University
"Unraveling the Biology of Auditory Learning: Spotlight on Language and Music"
 4/11  Brent Edwards
  EarLens Corp.
  Menlo Park
 "Make light, not sound: A novel hearing aid that uses lasers to vibrate the eardrum"
Co-sponser: SHRC
Judy Dubno
  Otolaryngology/Head/Neck surgery
  Med. U. South Carolina, Charleston
"Longitudinal changes in  audiometric phenotypes of age-related hearing loss"
 4/25  Dennis McFadden
  Dept. Psychology
  U. Texas, Austin

"What's Different About Perceptually Organized Auditory Stimuli?"

 5/2 Psyche Loui
  Psych. Neuroscience &  Behavior
  Wesleyan U.. Middletown

"Useful Biomarkers of Aesthetic Creativity"

 5/9 Poppy Crum
"Technology Innovation in the Immersive  Multisensory Marathon - Optimizing Sensory Experiences"