Dennis mcfadden
Univ. of Texas, Austin

9/23 Takako Fujioka
  CCRMA, Dept. of Music
"Neuromagnetic signatures of music perception: functional significance and plasticity"
9/30 Jenny Lentz
  Speech and Hearing Sciences
  Indiana Univ., Bloomington
“Tinnitus Perception:  Towards  better measures of assessing tinnitus characteristics”
10/7 Magda Wojtczak
  Aud. Perception&Cognition Lab
  Dept. Psychology
  Univ. of Minnesota
"Exploring the role of the medial olivocochlear reflex
  in perceptual enhancement"
Connie Cheung
Bioengineering Grad. Group 
UC Berkeley, UCSF Francisco
"Representation of speech in the motor cortex during speech perception"
Julie Elie
  Theunissen lab
  Psychology, UCB
"A neuroethological approach of vocal communication in zebra finches:
  from sounds to meaning"
10/28 Drew Dundas
"From Goliath back to David: How big data can simultaneously guide the clinician
  scientist's practice patterns down the right track, but in the wrong direction"
Heather Bortfeld
  UCONN, Storrs
"Learning Language from a Degraded Signal"


11/11 Veterans Day  
11/18 Seán Ó Nualláin
  University of Ireland
"How neurons are tuned to process auditory data"
12/02            Acousical Society in San Francisco 


Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

David Huron
 School of Music
  Ctr. Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  Ohio State University

“Faces and Voices: An Ethological Interpretation of Affective Displays”

2/03  Jointly with
 Starkey (SHRC)
Bruce Schneider
  Univ. of Toronto, Mississauga
"Does listening difficulty alter the degree to which bottom-up (stimulus driven) and
  top-down (knowledge-based) processes contribute to speech comprehension?"
 2/10   Roger Schwenke
  Meyer Sound Laboratories
"Active Systems for Controlling Room Acoustics"
 2/17Presidents Day  
 2/24 ARO San Diego  
 3/03Jayaganesh Swaminathan
  Sensory Communications Group
"Speech perception with envelope and temporal fine structure cues"
 3/10Dennis Mcfadden
  Univ. of Texas, Austin
“Using the Auditory System as a Window on Early Development”
 3/17Beth Strickland
  Speech, Lang &Hearing Science
  Purdue University
"Behavioral and modeling explorations of cochlear gain reduction"
 3/24  Spring break at UC 
 3/31Adrian KC Lee
  Speech and Hearing Sciences
  Univ. of Washington, Seattle
"Mapping the cortical dynamics of auditory attention"
Wendy de Heer
Theunissen Lab
  UC Berekeley
"Cortical representation of spectral, articulatory and semantic information in natural speech"
 4/14Shaowen Bao
  Helen Wills Neuroscience Inst.
  UC Berkeley

"Cortical plasticity in phantom sound perception"

 4/21 Tyler Lee
  Theunissen Lab
  UC Berekeley
"Noise Reduction using Artificial Auditory Neurons"
 5/5Acoustical Society Providence 
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