Fall 2012

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

 8/13 Michael Akeroyd
  Institute of Hearing Research
  Nottingham, UK
"The diversity of slopes of speech-in-masker psychometric functions"
 9/03 Labor Day  
 9/17 Tanya Arbogast
  Human Cognitive Physiology Lab
  V.A. Martinez
Consonant perception in hearing-impaired listeners: amplification and perceptual training.
 9/24 Stephen David
  Otolaryngology/Head - Neck Surgery
  Oregon Health and Science University
"Behavioral gating of information through auditory cortex"
Bill Woods
  Starkey Hearing Research Center
“On the factors affecting speech reception in a multi-talker listening scenario”
with Starkey
Michael Heinz
  Speech, Language & Hearing Science
  Biomedical Engineering
  Purdue University
“Physiological correlates of degraded temporal fine-structure sensitivity
   with sensorineural hearing loss”
Society for Neuroscience
  New Orleans
with CNMAT
Villi Pulkki
  Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio
  Signal Processing
  Helsinki University of Technolog
"Perception of spatial distribution of wide sound source"
10/29 Pavel Zahorik
  Heuser Hearing Research Center
  Univ. of Louisville
"Room acoustics, spatial hearing, and speech understanding"
with Starkey
Kelly L. Tremblay
  Speech & Hearing Sciences
  University of Washington
"Hearing aids and the brain: What's the connection?"
11/12 Veteran's Day  
11/19 Jing Xia
  Starkey Hearing Research Center
“Spatial Hearing with Disrupted Binaural Cues”
11/26            Co-sponsored
with Starkey
Radha Kalluri
  Dept. Otolaryngology
  Univ. of Southern California
"Studying cochlear mechanics in humans using otoacoustic emissions"
12/03            Co-sponsored
with Starkey
Martin McKinney
  Starkey Hearing Technologies

"Making music more accessible to the hearing impaired"



Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

Bob Lutfi
  Dept. Communicative Disorders
  Univ. of Wisconsin
"A new result suggesting a comprehensive model of informational masking"
 2/11   Break  
 2/18President's Day  
 2/25 ARO Baltimore  
 3/04David McAlpine
  The Ear Institute
  College of Brain Sciences
  University College, London
"Cocktail Party Listening – With a Twist!"
 3/11             Huanping Dai
  Speech, Language and Hearing Sci.
  Univ. of Arizona, Tucson
"Auditory Pattern Perception"
 3/18             Co-sponsored
with Starkey
Dan Tollin
  Dept. Physiology & Biophysics
  Univ. of Colorado Medical School
"Sensitivity to interaural level differences determines virtual acoustic space minimum audible   angles for lateral superior olive neurons"
 3/25   Spring Break 
Mounya Elhilali
  Electrical & Computer Engineering
  Johns Hopkins University
  “Bottom-up auditory attention”
 4/15             Co-sponsored
with Starkey
Larry Humes
  Speech and Hearing Sciences
  Indiana University, Bloomington
"Understanding the Speech-Understanding Difficulties of Older Adults”
 4/22       Psyche Loui
  Neurol.Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr
  Neuroscience, Harvard Med
"Music as an interaction in perception, action, cognition, and emotion"
 4/29Eric Young
  Bio-medical Engineering
  Johns Hopkins Med, Baltimore
"How is the inferior colliculus different from the auditory nerve?"
 5/06Marjorie Leek
  Nat. Cntr. Rehabilitative Auditory Res.
  Portland VA
"The role of tonality in the perception of complex sounds"
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