The Ear Club

Nils Peters

ICSI (Internat.Comp.Scie.Inst)


Fall 2011

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

 9/05 Labor Day  
 9/12 Cancelled  
 9/19 Andrew Brown
  Speech and Hearing
  Univ. of Washington
"The precedence effect: 'Buildup' and 'breakdown' revisited"
 9/26 Cancelled  
 Jointly with
 Starkey (SHRC)
Arthur Boothroyd
  Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
  San Diego State U.
"Perception of spoken language: individual differences"
10/10   @ CNMAT   1750 Arch St David Wessel and Andy Schmeeder
  Dept. Music and CNMAT
"Perception of Radiation Pattern Synthesis with Spherical Speaker Arrays
  and its Interaction with Rooms"
 Jointly with
 Starkey (SHRC)
Piers Dawes
  Audiology and Deafness Res. Grp.
  Sch. of Psychological Sciences
  Univ. of Manchester, UK
"Auditory plasticity in adult hearing aid users”
 Jointly with
 Starkey (SHRC)
Christophe Micheyl
Dept. of Psychology
  University of Minnesota
"A few thoughts and new data on the ongoing debate between "spatial"and
  temporal" codes for the perception of pitch, speech, and auditory scenes"
10/31 Acoustical Society, San Diego  
11/07 Yi Shen
  Cognitive Sciences
  U. C. Irvine
"Task-driven and listener-driven perceptual segregation of concurrent sound sources"
11/14 Soc. for Neurosciences, D.C.  
11/21 Bruce Berg
  Cognitive Science

“Representing the cadence of primary afferent discharge with a psychophysical model”

11/28 Malcolm Slaney
  Yahoo Research Laboratories
  Santa Clara
  CCRMA, Stanford
"Saliency and Attention in Auditory Scene Analysis"



Spring 2012


Nils Peters
  Internat,Comp.Sci.Inst (ICSI)

"A Perceptual Analysis of Off-Center Sound Degradation in Surround-Sound Reproduction
   Based on Geometrical Properties"
2/06  Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
  Biomed Eng;Cog.and Neural Systems
  Boston University
"Acoustic features and individual differences affecting auditory attention"
 2/13   Robert Lutfi
  Communication Disorders
  Univ. of Wisconsin
"Classification of environmental sounds recognition by compressed sensing"
 2/20President's day  
 2/27 ARO meeting in San Diego  
 3/26   Spring Break 
 4/02AAA meeting in Boston  
 Jointly with Starkey(SHRC)
Erick Gallun
  Nat. Ctr. for Rehabilitative Aud.Res.
  Portland VA Medical Center
  Oregon Health & Science University
"Assessing central auditory processing in a Veteran population"
 4/16Nima Mesgarani
  Neurological Surgery
"Robust representation of attended speech in human auditory cortex"
 4/23 Petr Janata
  Center for Mind and Brain
  U. C. Davis
"On the many factors that influence mental representations of pitch"?
 4/30Joyce Rodriguez
  Starkey Hearing Research Center
“Can cochlear distortion products tell us more than our standard audiological measures?”
 5/07Ray Goldsworthy
  House Ear Institute
  Los Angeles
Auditory learning? cochlear implants?
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