The Ear Club

Fall 2010

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

  7/28  11:00  ICSI 6th floor 1947 Center St. Berkeley Richard Stern
 Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
 and Language Technologies Institute
 Carnegie Mellon University
"Applying Physiologically-Motivated Models of Auditory Processing to
Automatic Speech Recognition: Promise, Progress, and Problems"
  8/30 Philip Joris
  Univ. of Leuven
"New views on ITD processing"
Labor Day Holiday
 9/09 3:30
125 Morrison Hall
David Huron
  School of Music
  Ohio State
Discussion of issues in his book: Sweet Anticipation: The psychology of musical expectation
CNMAT- Auditorium
1750 Arch St.
Edmund Campion
  Dept. of Music
"Auditory Fiction"
  9/20 Neal Viemeister
  Dept. of Psychology
  Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis
"Auditory Enhancement Revisited"
  9/27            * Annabel J. Cohen
  Professor of Psychology
  University of Prince Edward Island
  Director and Principal Investigator AIRS
 "Advancing interdisciplinary research in singing (AIRS):
   Development, Education & Well-being"
  10/4              *    
  10/11            *    
  10/18            *    
  10/25            *
Starkey Hearing Res. Center
Ian Bruce
  Electrical & Computer Engineering
  and Department of Psychology
  McMaster University
  Hamilton, Ontario
  11/01            *    
CoSponsor CBB 4:00
Beach Room
Antje Heinrich
  Cambridge MRC
  Institute of Hearing Research
  Nottingham, England
"Listening strategies of young and old adults for speech in noise"
11/08 Josh Miele
 Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
 San Francisco
"One-dimensional auditory/haptic displays: performance characteristics
  and applications for the blind."
11/15 Neuroscience meeting
Acoustical Society meeting
11/22 Liberty Hamilton
  Helen Wills Neuroscience Inst.
"Task-dependent nonmonotonic representation of sound intensity in the auditory cortex"
11/29 Psyche Loui
  Music & Neuroimaging Lab
  Harvard Medical
"Perception and Action in the Musical Brain"
                   *  David Wessel in charge from 9/27 through 11/01
                                                                                                    Spring 2011

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in 3105 Tolman Hall, UC Berkeley

  1/24Keith Johnson
  Dept. of Linguistics
"Compensation for coarticulation in speech perception"
  1/31Kourosh Saberi
  Cognitive Sciences
  U.C. Irvine
"Integrative functions of the planum temporale: speech, space, and object formation"
  2/07 Bill Woods
  Starkey Hearing Research Center
"A new American/English speech corpus for testing
  speech understanding in complex scenarios"
  2/21 ARO meeting  Baltimore  
  2/28Steven Cheung
  Head and Neck Surgery
  U.C. San Francisco
"Tinnitus Modulation by Deep Brain Stimulation of the Striatum"
  3/07Kyle Walsh
  Dept. of Psychology
  Univ. of Texas, Austin
"Using SFOAEs to study the efferent system, and potential attentional effects"
  3/28Lawrence Lustig
  Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center
  U.C.San Francisco
"Cochlear implants in 2011-where are we now and where are we headed?"
  4/04Eric Young
  Biomedical Engineering
  Johns Hopkins
"How does the inferior colliculus differ from the auditory nerve? "
  4/11Tom Lu
  Dept. of Otolaryngology
  U.C.Irvine Medical
"Binaural unmasking in bilateral cochlear implant users"
  4/18 Aniruddh Patel
  Neuroscience Institute
  San Diego
"Relations between linguistic and nonlinguistic sound systems: empirical
  4/25Mike DeWeese
  Dept. of Physics
"A task for probing selective auditory attention and set shifting in the rat"
  5/02Wesley Grantham
  Dept. Hearing and Speech Sciences
  Bill Wilkerson Center
  Vanderbilt University
"Binaural interference in the free field"
  5/09Lorenzo Picinali
  Faculty of Technology
  De Montfort University, The Gateway
  Leicester, UK
"Current Research Projects in the Fused Media Lab"
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