The Ear Club

Fall 2008

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

9/8 Valeriy Shafiro
  Com. Disorders and Sciences
  Rush University Medical Center
  Chicago, IL
"Untangling the effects of divided and selective attention in
    multi-talker listening"
9/15 Nicolas Mathevon
Sensory Ecology, Neuroethology
  Jean Monnet University
  Saint-Etienne, France
  Miller Professor, U.C.Berkeley
"Acoustic communication in constraining environments:
    How do songbirds deal with dense vegetation?"
9/29 Brian Gygi
V.A.Medical Research
  Martinez, CA
"The Incongruency Advantage for Environmental in
    Naturally-Occurring Scenes"
10/6 Poppy Crum
Biomedical Engineering
  Johns Hopkins University
"Targeting areas beyond AI: a method and implications
   for studying higher auditory processing"
10/13 Taffeta Elliott
Bird Song Lab
  U C Berkeley Psychology
"Spectral and Temporal Modulations Required
   for Speech Comprehension"
10/27 Richard O. Duda
Emeritus Prof. of Electrical Engineering
  San Jose State University
  Co-sponsor, Starkey Hearing Res. Ctr.
Accounting for head motion in binaural recording and reproduction
11/3 Ben Hornsby
Hearing & Speech Sci.
  Vanderbilt Univ
  Co-sponsor, Starkey Hearing Res. Ctr.
"Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Listening Effort"
11/10 Andrew Oxenham
Dept. Psychology
  Univ. of Minnesota
  Co-sponsor, Starkey Hearing Res. Ctr.
"Pitch perception and its role in source segregation"
11/17 Les Bernstein
  U. Conn. Med.
   Farmington, CN
"Binaural signal detection, masker level, and masker interaural
   correlation: Revisiting the internal noise hypothesis"
11/24 Ed Campion
Dept Music, UCBerkeley
  Talk will be at CNMAT
  1750 Arch St., Berkeley
"Resonance and Noise -- Making New Music
    in a Post-experimental Age"
12/1 Lee Miller
Center for Mind and Brain
  U. C. Davis
"Neural bases of speech perception in noisy environments"


1/23 Special DATE on Friday
Dan Levitin
Dept Psychology
  McGill University
  11 am. Tolman 5101
Sponsored by Cognitive Science
Mental Representations of Music
2/2 Ilana Witten
"Auditory spatial processing in a complex environment"
2/9 David Wessel
  Ctr New Music Audio Technology (CNMAT)
  Department of Music
"New musical instrumentation: user interface to sound diffusion"
2/16 ARO in Baltimore  
2/23 Kourosh Saberi
  Cognitive Science
"Mixed-modulation detection and lateralization of FM sweeps at high frequencies"
3/2  Wendy de Heer
 Equipe Audition Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
Theunissen Lab, Berkeley
"Low-level and high-level contributions to auditory streaming"
3/9 Brent Edwards
Starkey Hearing Research Center
"Hot Topics in Hearing Aid Research and Related Auditory
  Perception Research at Starkey Laboratories"
3/16 Shaowen Bao
  Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute
"Plasticity in the developing auditory system"
3/20  2:00
3105 Tolman               3/23 is
  Spring Break  
Special DATE on Friday
Psyche Loui
  Neuro Imaging Laboratory
  Harvard Med
"The Highs and Lows of Cortical Connectivity:
   Insights from Extreme Cases in Musical Ability"
3/30 Chris Stecker
  Speech and Communication
  U. Washington, Seattle
"Integrating auditory spatial cues across time and type"
4/6 Erick Gallun
  VA Nat Ctr: Rehabilitative, Auditory Research
"Beyond the detection threshold: Impacts of age and 
  hearing loss on auditory discrimination"
4/13 Eric Young
  Biomedical Engineering
  Johns Hopkins Univ.
"Plasticity is not always good"
4/20 Josh Miele
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
  San Francisco
"Audio/Tactile Graphics: Saving Space with Sound"
4/27 Judy R. Dubno
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  Med. Univ. of South Carolina
"Aging, Hearing Loss, and Speech Recognition"
5/4 Joe Hall III
Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
  Univ. of North Carolina
"Perception of temporal envelopes"
5/11 Nicol Harper
Redwood Ctr. for Theoretical Neuroscience
Helen Wills Institute
"Neural population coding of sound level adapts rapidly
to stimulus statistics"
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