The Ear Club

Fall 2007

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

7/17 Hideki Kawahara
Hokkaido University
“Interference-free power spectral representation of periodic sounds; STRAIGHT, it's underlying principles and recent applications”
8/17 11am

Katherine Pichora-Fuller
Dept. Psychology
U. Toronto, Mississauga
“Auditory temporal processing and aging -- redefining presbycusis"
Brian Roberts
Auditory Perception
Aston University
Birmingham, UK
"Exploring the Perceptual Organization of Sound"
9/3 UC Holiday: Labor Day  
9/10 Kieth Macmillen
Beam Foundation Berkeley
"MAPPS: A persistent performance score for modern music"
9/17 Bruce Berg
U. C. Irvine
"Psychophysical Measurements and the Auditory Periphery"
9/24 Steve Colburn
Boston Univ.
"Modeling the response of the binaural auditory system to electrical stimulation"
10/1 Richard Lyon
"Cochlea Modeling Retrospective"
10/8 Taffeta Elliott
U. C. Berkeley
"Neural Basis of Click Rate Coding in the Frog Auditory System"
10/15 Tanya Arbogast
Boston University
"The effect of spatial separation on informational masking of speech"
10/19-20 Binaural Bash, Boston  
10/22 Sri Nagarajan
MEG Laboratory
"High fidelity imaging of human cortical plasticity"
10/29 Rich Stern
Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon U.
“Binaural processing for robust automatic speech recognition”
11/5 Emily Buss
Dept. Otolaryngology
Univ. North Carolina Med
"Characterizing developmental effects in intensity discrimination"
11/12 UC Holiday: Veteran’s Day  
11/15-18 Psychonomics, Long Beach  
11/19 ----------  
11/26 David Huron
School of Music
Ohio State University
"How Music Evokes Sadness"
12/3 Tassos Sarampalis
"A role of cognitive effort when extracting speech from noise"


1/28 Robert Lutfi
Dept. Communication Disorders
University of Wisconsin
"Perceptual constraints on sound-source identification"
2/4 Beverly Wright
Dept. Communication Disorders
Northwestern University
"Hearing lessons:  Perceptual learning on basic auditory skills"
2/17-21 ARO Phoenix  
2/18 UC Holiday: Presidents Day  
2/25 Rachel Keen
Univ. of  Virginia
"Cognitive Influences on Spatial Hearing"
3/3 Toby Dye
Parmely Institute
Department of Psychology
Loyola Univ. Chicago
"Recency Effects in Binaural Processing"
3/10 Mike DeWeese
Helen Wills Neurocei. Inst
"Towards a rodent model of selective auditory attention."
3/17 Xiaoqin Wang
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins
"Neural coding in auditory cortex: beyond firing patterns"
3/24 UC Holiday: Spring Break  
3/31 Étienne de Villers-Sidani
Keck Center:IntegrativeNeuroscience
UCSF, Michael Merzenich Lab
San Francisco, CA
 "Age and plasticity in the auditory cortex"
4/7 John Middlebrooks
Dept. Otolaryngology
Dept. Biomedical Engineering
University of Michigan
"Auditory Prosthesis with a Penetrating Nerve Array"
4/14 John Iversen
Neurosciences Institute
San Diego
"The effect of experience on basic rhythmic processing"
4/21 Out of town meeting  
4/28 Lloyd Watts
Audience Inc.
Mountain View, CA
"Commercializing Auditory Neuroscience"
5/5 Out of town meeting  
5/12 Shihab Shamma
Dept. Electrical Engineering
Univ. of Maryland
"Encoding task performance, rules, and objectives in auditory and (pre) frontal cortex
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