The Ear Club

Fall 2004

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

Hugo Fastl
Elec. Eng.
Technical Univ, Munich
"Psychoacoustic basis of sound evaluation and sound quality
9/13 Chris Long
MRC: Brain and Cognition
Cambridge, UK
"Are Two Cochlear Implants Better than One?
9/20 Monita Chatterjee
House Institute, LA
Audiology, Univ. Maryland
"Cross-channel envelope interactions in cochlear implant listeners"
9/27 Manfred Schroeder
Bell Labs/U. Göttingen, Germany
"Music and Math: the acoustics of Philharmonic Hall, New York, the
Pierce scale and algorithms from number theory to create melodies"
10/4 Marjorie Leek
Walter Reed Hosp
Washington, DC
"Hearing Loss and the Perception of Complex Sounds"
10/11 Joe Hall III
Division Otology
U. North Carolina Med
Chapel Hill
"What sequentially presented harmonics can tell us about models of pitch perception."
10/21 Robert Zatorre
Neur.Inst. Human Auditory Cortex:
McGill Univ. Montreal
joint sponsor: HWNI, Berkeley
"Processing of music and speech by the human auditory cortex: Neuroimaging evidence"
10/25 Andy Moorer
Regent's Lecturer
U.C. Berkeley
"35 Years of Digital Audio in the Entertainment Industry"
11/1 Mathews, Max
"Early History of Computer Music at Bell Telephone Laboratories
from 1957 to about 1970"
11/8 Lynn Werner
Speech & Hearing
"How infants deal with uncertainty"
11/15 Acoustical Society of America meeting  
11/22 Thanksgiving holiday  
12/6 Kourosh Saberi
UC Irvine
"Psychological and neuro imaging studies of auditory motion processing"


1/31 Chris Stecker
Human Cognition/Neurophysiology
VA, Martinez
“Cortical organization and spatial hearing”
2/7 John Chowning
“Computers, music and perception: forty years and still searching
Israel Nelken
Dept. Neurobiology
Hebrew University
joint sponsor: HWNI, Berkeley
“High-level and low-level sound representations in primary auditory cortex”
2/24 ARO meeting  
3/7 Deniz Baskent
Starkey Hearing Research Lab
"Frequency selectivity in cochlear implants and sensorineural hearing loss"
3/14 Courtney Lane
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University
"Listening in noise: normal neural mechanisms and the consequences of hearing impairment"
3/21 Spring Break  
3/28 Erick Gallun
Communication Disorders
Boston University
"Some non-peripheral aspects of auditory masking"
4/4 Cancelled  
4/7 Christophe Schreiner
“Spectral-temporal processing: impressions from the inferior colliculus to the cortex”
4/11 Alain de Cheveigne
“The case of the missing delay lines”
4/18 Sridahr Kalluri
Starkey Hearing Research Lab
“Neural correlates of harmonic fusion”
4/25 Jeff Wenstrup
Department of Neurobiology
N.E.Ohio University of Medicine
“Analysis of Complex Sounds: Centers in the Brain Neural Mechanisms and their Modulation by Emotional Centers in the Brain”
5/2 Virginia Richards
Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
”Target detection with Random distractors”
5/9 Yale Cohen
Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences
Dartmouth College
joint sponsor: HWNI, Berkeley
"Behavioral and neural correlates of functionally meaningful"
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