The Ear Club

Fall 2003

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

8/25 ISH meeting in France  
9/8 Jerald R.Hyde
Acoustical Consultant,FASA,FIOA
St. Helena, CA
"The concert hall experience and multisensory integration:
does visual input affect what we hear?"
9/15 Sarita Shaevitz
Department of Psychology
"Functional Connectivity between the zebra finch auditory and song systems"
9/22 David Wessel
"An agenda for Research in Music Perception and cognition"
9/29 Bernhard Seeber
Department of Psychology
"Binaural hearing with cochlear implants investigated with a new method
for localization studies"

10/6 Pirinin, Tuomo
International Computer Science Inst.
"Methods for Acoustic Localization
(imaging source location with passive acoustic arrays)"
10/13 Dennis Barbour
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Salk Institute, La Jolla
"Evaluating high order response properties in auditory cortex"
10/20 Ed Rubel
Department of Otolaryngology
Univ. of Washington Medical
"Influence of input on development of auditory brainstem in birds and mammals:
emphasis on critical periods"
10/27 Arnold Starr
Department of Neurology
U.C. Irvine Medical
"Hearing disorder due to auditory nerve dysfunction: listening to patients with auditory neuropathy"
11/3 Bertrand Delgutte
Health Sci. & Tech.
"Neural representations of pitch"
11/10 Neurosciences meeting  
11/17 Julie Bierer
Keck Hearing Res. Ctr.
U.C. San Francisco
."Effects of Electrode Configuration on Channel Interaction in Cochlear Implant Subjects"
11/24 Gerald Langner
Darmstadt Univ. of Technology
Darmstadt, Germany
"Spatial representation of pitch: the 2nd neural axis of the auditory system"
12/1 Neal Viemeister
Department of Psychology
Univ. of Minnesota
"Temporal structure and auditory envelope processing"
12/8 Terry Takahashi
Department of Physiology
University of Oregon
"Synthesis and use of neural images of the auditory scene"

Spring 2004

1/26 Dan Levitin
Department of Psychology
McGill Univ
"Adventures in Pitch and Melody Perception"
2/2  John Middlebrooks
Kresge Research
University of Michigan
“Exploring Auditory Spatial Representation Center Without a Map”
2/9 Memorial service
for Russell De Valois
2/16 Veteran's Day Holiday  
2/23 Bradley Vines
Dept. of Psychology
McGill University
“Seeing Music: Cross-modal Interactions in the Perception of Solo Clarinet Performances”
3/1 Peter Desain
University of Nijmegen
"On the relation between rhythm and perception production: a Bayesian model”
3/8 Lloyd Watts
Audience, Inc.
Los Altos, CA
“Real-Time, High-Resolution Models of Biological Auditory Processing”
3/15 Eric Young
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
"Neural encoding of speech; what about the consonants?
3/22 Spring Break  
3/29 Robert Gilkey
Wright State University
“Localization of phantom images generated by two identical sound sources”
4/5 ICA meeting Tokyo  
4/12 ICA meeting  
4/19 Cognitive Neuroscience meeting, SF  
4/26 Robert Dooling
Department of Psychology
University of Maryland
"Perception of Complex Sounds by Birds"
5/3 Diana Deutsch
Department of Psychology
U.C. San Diego
“Two curiosities relating music to speech”
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