The Ear Club

Fall 2001

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

8/27 Nat Durlach
Electrical Engineering
"Round table discussion of Acoustic Source Separation"

9/10 Ben Bonham
Department of Physiology
U.C.San Francisco
"Postnatal development of responses in the primary auditory cortex"
9/17 Harry Levitt
CUNY;Bodega Bay
George Pollak
9/24 George Pollak
Department of Neurobiolgy
University of Texas
10/1 Sarah Wooley
University of Washington
"Auditory feedback and vocal behaviori n adult songbirds"
10/15 Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
BioMedical Engineering
Boston University
"Spatial auditory plasticity"
10/22 Birgir Kohlmeier
Director Auditory Research
University of Oldenburg, Germany
ICSI, Berkeley
"Cocktail parties and hearing aids: factors involved in hearing impairment,
and methods for their compensation"
10/29 Steve Colburn
BioMedical Engineeing
Boston University
"Sensitivity to interaural time delays: psychophysical and physiological aspects"
11/5 Hannes Muensch
Resound Corp
The SRS model -- a model for predicting speech intelligibility"
11/19 Pierre Divenyi
Martinez VA
"Perception of dynamic changes in phonemes"
11/26 Hynek Hermansky
Oregon Health.Sciences, Portland
ICSI, Berkeley
"Speech recognition from frequency-localized temporal patterns"
12/3 Kazuo Imaizumi
Keck Lab
U.C.San Francisco
"Peripheral Representation of Sound Frequency in Cricket Auditory System:
Beyond Tonotopy"

Spring 2002

2/4 Harry Levitt
CUNY;Bodega Bay
"Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids"
2/11 Steve Greenberg
International Computer.Science.Inst.
"Beyond the Phoneme: A Juncture-Accent Model of Spoken Language"
2/18 Presidents Day  
2/25 Robert Lutfi
Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin
"Decision Theoretic to Sound Source Determination"
3/18 Shihab Shamma
Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland
"Coincidences in Auditory and Visual Processing"
3/25 Spring Break  
4/1 Robert Schlauch
Communication Disorders
University of Minnesota
"How does the temporal envelope of a sound affect its percept?"
4/8 Neal Viemeister
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota
"Psychophysical and Physiological Aspects of Auditory Temporal Processing"
4/15 Frederick Theunissen
Department of Psychology
U. C. Berkeley
"Spectro-Temporal Amplitude Modulation Spectra of Natural Sounds and
Spectro-Temporal Receptive Fields of Avian Auditory Neurons"
4/22 Allison Doupe
U.C.San Francisco
"A Specialized Basal Ganglia Circuit for Learning Auditory-Motor"
4/29 Brad May
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
"Auditory processing of spectral cues for sound localization"
5/6 George Pollak
University of Texas, Austin
"Unraveling the Mammalian Auditory System"
5/13 Dave Blake
Keck Center
U.C.San Francisco
"Auditory implant studies in awake primates"
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