The Ear Club

Fall 2000

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

9/18 Frederic Theunissen
Department of Psychology
"Processing of natural and synthetic sounds in the avian auditory forebrain"
9/25 Lloyd Watts
Applied Neurosystems Corp.
Los Altos, CA
"Real-Time Visualization of Neurobiological Auditory Representations"
9/24 Toshio Irino
NTT Computer Science Lab
Kyoto, Japan
"Segregating size and shape information of the vocal tract in the auditory system
using a stabilized wavelet-Mellin transform"
10/2 Tom Yin
Department of Physiology
University ofWisconsin
"Behavioral and physiological studies of sound localization in the cat"
10/9 BINAURAL BASH in Boston  
10/16 Huanping Dai
Resound Corp.
Redwood City, CA
"Auditory temporal integration: Is it optimal?"
10/23 Greg Recanzone
Neurophysiology Physics & Biology
U.C. Davis
"Auditory/visual Fusion"
10/30 Robert Houde
Rochester Institute.
Jim Hillebrand
Western Michican University
"A new theory of central auditory spectrum analysis"
11/6 David Wessel
David Steinsaltz
Department of Statistics
U.C. Berkeley
"Tone profiles and melodic processes"
11/13 Fan-Gang Zeng
Department of Otolaryngology
U.C. Irvine Medical
"What have cochlear implants told us basic issues in hearing"
11/20 Neal Viemeister
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota
"Amplitude Modulation, past and present"
11/27 Pavel Zahorik
Department of Psychology
U.C. Ssnta Barbara
"Auditory distance perception"
12/4 Erick Gallun / Ann-Marie Bonnel
Department of Psychology
"Reflections on studies of auditory attention"

Spring 2001

1/22 Robert Shannon
House Ear Institute
Los Angeles
"Cochlear implants: Ethical issues in a rapidly changing technology"

1/29 Richard Felciano
Department of Music
"Masking Techniques in Music Composition"
2/12 David McAlpine
University College London
"Timing in the Auditory System: From Molecular Biology to Auditory Perception"

2/19 President's Day  
2/26 Mitch Sutter
"Perception of complex sounds by macaques"
3/5 Leon Deouell
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Hebrew University
"Electrophysiological investigation of pre-attentive auditory deviance detection in patients
with auditory unilateral neglect"
3/12 Andrew Oxenham
Research Laboratory in Electronics
"Space, Time, and the Formation of Auditory Streams"
3/19 Jack Loomis
Department of Psycholgy
U.C.Santa Barbara
"Encoding and updating of locations specified by 3-D sound and spatial language"
3/26 Spring Break  
4/2 ASA Meeting  
4/9 Edmund Campion
Department of Music, CNMAT
"Beyond the Proscenium - the use of space in musical composition"
4/16 Lee Miller
Keck Lab
U.C.San Francisco
"Receptive Field Construction in the Thalamocortical System"
4/23 Olivier Bertrand
INSERM Unit 280
Lyon, France
"Neural representations of visual and acoustic objects: emergence and dynamics of
oscillatory synchronization"
4/30 Tino Trahiotis
University of Connecticut Medical
"Peripheral Auditory Processing and the precedence effect"
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