The Ear Club

Fall 1999

Unless otherwise stated, talks are at 4:00 in the Beach Room (3105 Tolman Hall) at UC Berkeley

8/30 Chris Frey
Department of Psychology
“Algorithms for birdsong learning and production"
9/13 Ville Pulkki
University of Helsinki, Finland
CNMAT, Berkeley
"Perception of virtual sources"
9/20 Jeff Winer
Molecular and Cell Biology
"New Perspectives on the Auditory System: a View from the Brain”
9/27 Poppy Crum
Department of Psychology
"How does the formation of an auditory unit affect
the perception of a changing timbre?"
10/4 John F Houde
Keck Center
U.C.San Francisco
"Magnetic field responses of auditory cortex to produced speech"
10/11 Chris Stecker
Department of Psychology
“Modelling temporal asymmetry as decay suppression"

10/18 Willy Wong
Institute for Perceptual Research
Eindhoven, Netherlands
"Motion and music, templates and tunes"
10/25 Donald Greenwood
Univ.of British Columbia, Vancouver
Philip Joris
University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Mechanical and 'Temporal' Filtering as Co-determinants of the response
by cat primary fibers to AM signals"
11/1 William Bialek
NEC Labs
"Adaptation, efficient representation, and relevant information"

11/8 Heather Reed
Keck Center UCSF
U.C.San Francisco
"Physiologic and anatomic evidence for functional modularity of sound processing
in AI of the cat"
11/15 Bruno H. Repp
Haskins Lab
New Haven, CT
"Subliminal Temporal Discrimination in the Service of Action"
11/22 Charles Spence
Department of Psychology
Oxford, UK
"Cross-modal masking"

Spring 2000

1/24 Torsten Dau
Hearing Rsearch Laboratory
Oldenburg, Germany
"Modeling auditory processing of amplitude
1/31 Ram Ramachandran
Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University/UCSF
"Responses in the Inferior Colliculus"
2/7 Timothy Justus
Department of Psychology
"Schematic and Veridical Expectation in the Priming of Chords"

2/14 David Wessel
Department of Music
“State of Research at CNMAT”
2/21 Presidents Day  
3/6 Gerald Kidd
Department of Communication Disorders
Boston University
“Informational Masking and localization”
3/13 Pierre Divenyi
Speech and Hearing Research
VA Hospital, Martinez, CA
"Dimensionality of auditory segregation"
3/20 Shihab Shamma
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland
“Receptive properties of cortical neurons”
3/27 Spring Break  
4/3 Bruce Berg
Department of Psychology
"Modeling the temporal response of auditory nerve fibers with a leaky integrator"
4/10 Lee Miller
Keck Center
U.C.San Francisco
"Thalamocortical interactions in the lemniscal system of the cat"
4/17 Malcolm Slaney & Dan Levitin
Interval Corp.
“Measuring Vowel Space with Korte's Law”
4/24 Gil Magilen
Hearing Center Network
“Modern Hearing Aids”
5/1 Dave Woods
Veterans Administration Hospital,
Martinez VA
"Electrophysiological and behavioral studies of auditory feature conjunction"
5/8 Neal Viemeister
Department of Psychology
University of Minnesota

"Dimensionality of auditory segregation"

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