The Anechoic Chamber

This is the workstation where we launch experiments in the anechoic chamber. The display on the right side mirrors what is shown on the projector inside the chamber.

Here we have a rack of 24 Crown D-75s, a pair of 24-channel Motu digital audio interfaces, a voltmeter, oscilliscope, and an M-audio Delta for headphone presentation. The door to the anechoic chamber is to the left, it is about 3 ft thick and very heavy.

Here is the interior of the chamber. The speakers mounts can be moved to different locations depending on experiment requirements. In the front of the room is an acoustically transparent cloth which can be lowered to use as a display surface for the overhead projector. At the chair we have a number of devices for collecting data from the subject, including a pointer, a trackball (for non-proprioceptive pointing), and a numeric keypad.

This is how it was done in the old days. The rack contais a speaker, oscillators, amplifiers, filters, a very high quality phase shifter and more. An inscription at the top reads "Erv Hafter's Tower of Fun".

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