Hafter Auditory Perception Lab

University of California Berkeley -- Department of Psychology

Ervin Hafter, Ph. D.

Research Objectives

At the Auditory Perception Lab we are currently conducting research in the area of shared attention, spatial perception of sound, and attention to natural speech from multiple talkers in a simulated cocktail party environment,

The Ear Club

A weekly auditory colloquium featuring distinguished speakers on a broad range of topics related to hearing science.

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Lab Resources

Our main experimental apparatus is an anechoic chamber with a 48-channel digital surround sound system and a digital projector (see photos). This system enables us to convincingly simulate open-field reverberant environments for the exploration of research questions regarding the spatial perception of sound in the natural world. We also have three sound isolation booths with calibrated headphone presentation systems. All of our experiments are carried out using computers and the majority of our programming is done in MATLAB or MAXMSP.


Ervin Hafter Director and Principal Investigator hafter@berkeley.edu
Sylvia Blackmore Lab Manager seblackmore@berkeley.edu
Sai Ting Chu (Ryan)Lab Assistantryancst@berkeley.edu

Individuals who have worked in the lab



SHRCStarkey Hearing Research Center

CNMATThe Center for New Music and Audio Technology

Contact Information

The lab is located in basement of Tolman Hall, room B50 on the UC Berkeley campus.
The main lab phone number is 1-510-642-5352.

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